Our Staff

Board of Directors

Jarrod Lewis, Dani McAfee, Gayla Gerber, Jeni Meeks, Joel Smith

A Note From our Executive Director!

In June of 2020, I said “Yes,” to a job opportunity that I had no idea God was going to use to completely change my perspective and outlook on life. I was excited to be serving my community, our community, but I quickly realized that there was an incredibly different Wells County out there than the one I had experienced growing up. At Helping Hands, I have been given the opportunity to walk alongside individuals who have, and are, experiencing brokenness, poverty, hurt, abuse, addiction, and neglect. I have worked with parents who didn’t have the kind of parents I did and were repeating the only cycle they knew. Why do I share this with you? Because there was a time that I thought it was only other corners of the world that needed changing - not my corner; and you may think that too. But I can promise you, there are people to be loved, the Gospel to be shared, and brokenness to be mended in our own backyard. As you know, Helping Hands recently celebrated 10 years, and I believe this accomplishment speaks to how vital it is that an organization like ours remains in this community. However, the success of Helping Hands does not only come from the staff, the board of directors, or our volunteers, but from our community as a whole, from the individuals, the churches, the businesses, and the non-profits in this community. Together, we make a difference. Together, we are stronger.